Don't Stress if Your Car Is Stuck - Call Smiley's Towing

Don't Stress if Your Car Is Stuck - Call Smiley's Towing

Our local towing company can move your vehicle in the Philadelphia, PA area

Whether you were involved in a collision or stricken by sudden car trouble, you can count on Smiley's Towing. When you call us, our local towing company can send a tow truck to move your vehicle to safety anywhere within the Philadelphia, PA area.

We provide:

  • Light-duty towing services, for everyday cars and trucks
  • Medium-duty towing services, for vans, box trucks, motor homes and RVs
  • Heavy-duty towing services, for, tractor trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks and semitrucks with trailers

Don't wait to call a tow truck. Call 215-667-0132 right away to choose the right towing services for your vehicle. We'll be on our way to you shortly.

Remove a vehicle from your property

If you own a parking lot, unauthorized people will sometimes leave their vehicles there. Enforce your parking policies by hiring our local towing company to haul cars away. You can also call a tow truck to remove an abandoned car from your property. Contact us now to discuss an abandoned or improperly parked car with our team.