Revive Your Dead Car Battery

Revive Your Dead Car Battery

Get car jump start services from Smiley's Towing right away in Philadelphia, PA or a surrounding area

It happens to everyone sooner or later. You try to start your car in a parking lot or driveway, but it just won't start. The battery has been drained. Fortunately, you can get car jump start services from Smiley's Towing in the Philadelphia, PA area.

We can come to you for car jump start services when your vehicle's battery is drained by:

  • Headlights left on
  • Trunk or glove box lights left on
  • Extreme heat or cold

You can count on us anytime, even if your battery dies in the middle of the night. We provide 24-hour battery jump start services, so call 215-667-0132 now for a prompt jump start.

Find out how to avoid a drained battery

The last thing you want is for your battery to die on you again, but you can avoid that with a little testing and maintenance. You can take your car to the shop for a battery test twice a year, and your shop's staff can recommend repairs or battery replacement.

If you do need a jump start again at any point, get in touch with us about our 24-hour battery jump start services right away.